The Hate Post – Closing Gates to the Nonsensical Mind State


Hate starts in the gut. Deep down there, where it stirs, and churns. And then it rises. Hate rises fast, and volcanically. Spreading through your veins. It erupts hot on the breath. Your eyes go wide with fire. You clench your teeth so fast, you think they’ll shatter. And you hold fists tightly, digging your nails in the palm of your hands, completely oblivious to the pain. 

It’s so easy to hate. Especially in the spur of the moment, when you’re unjustly offended, and the entire focus of your anger is that one unreasonable act against you. And you’re not fit to even consider other possibilities. Everyone experiences that. The important and distinguishing factor between you and others is to identify these ‘hating’ feelings – because that’s half the battle won.

We’re quick to judge people. Quick to jump to conclusions. It makes perfect sense to. After all, they messed up. They screwed up. So they should be the ones to suffer, shouldn’t they? We swiftly shrug all responsibilities off our shoulders. It is just so easy to blame them. 

I believe there are two kinds of hate – the sort that is thought-provoking. And then there’s this useless kind of hate. Which is based on completely absurd ideologies. A fitting specimen would be the kind of hate that Justin Bieber has been recently  on the receiving end of. So many people ridiculing the teenager. He’s literally become a laughing stock in the internet society. Want to get more Facebook likes? Make a hate status on Justin Bieber. Yes, he’s messed up a lot in life. Yes, in my opinion, his music does suck, to the core. Yes, he used to sound slightly girlish when he was young (A problem a lot of men faced in their early pre-teen years). But is that deserving of lewd, vulgar jokes? I’ll let you decide. My opinion is that he got sucked into the cruel vortex of fame at quite a young age, and probably didn’t know how to effectively handle it. No, that’s definitely not an excuse for his arrogant and egocentric nature, but surely reason enough to give him a break. It is a ‘thing’ nowadays to speak strictly against Biebs. A cheap trick to gain a small amount of popularity. Kids are being forced to ridicule Justin Bieber. A statement in favour of Bieber means you like him, and hence are worthy of being called a  ‘faggot’. To avoid bullying, we simply join hands with the crowds and declare our indefatigable hate against Bieber to the world. The question that begs to be asked here, is, why are we so desperate to merge into the herd of sheep and suppress our own thoughts instead of giving them a definite shape and form a unique opinion – our opinion? No doubt we are going to face problems while going against the crowd, but it’s definitely worth it.

The hate that accompanies a relationship break up is vey unexplainable. You tend to put your significant other on a pedestal, treating them with the utmost care you can possibly conjure. But it’s all gone, and probably, indefinitely replaced by loathe. All those qualities you found unacceptable but ignored so effortlessly, are now the very source of the dislike you claim to have for them. But in reality, you never stopped caring. Which is what is going to hurt the most. It takes time to get over it. But if its going to be so difficult, why not actually reconsider the decision to break up, unless it’s absolutely necessary, without a shadow of a doubt? It’s tough to overlook the fact that they’ve messed up. But if they genuinely look like they’re really sorry for what they’ve done, its a definite sign they care about you, probably more than you do about them. Hasty decisions will take us nowhere in life.

Ever got annoyed of that daft guy on the bus who’s uncivilly screaming into the phone without giving the slightest thought to the other passengers? Or the guy on the motorway frequently cutting lanes making it difficult for you to drive? Or maybe those people near your house making a racket at two in the morning disturbing your beauty sleep? Ugh, so selfish, so inconsiderate. You feel like just walking right up to them and slapping against their cheek until their face goes red. The satisfaction that this mere thought provides is sometimes enough to suppress the desire to actually admonish them. Sometimes.

There’s always that possibility that they’re just being pure dicks, but why not give them the benefit of the doubt? Why not, (as banal as it sounds) maybe, rise above them? Because look, here’s the thing – in most of the cases, the offender doesn’t have the faintest clue that you’re pissed off at them. They’re going to carry on with their lives, completely oblivious to the fact that you’re cursing them. So you’re at loss, aren’t you? Because you’re just going to continually think about how inconsiderate and unceremonious they were, and probably end up obsessing over it. All it’s going to do is stunt your ability to channel your thoughts and decrease your productivity.

And that’s why, I find it easier to think up of explanations for their irrational behaviour, however wild they may be, and just forget about it. Yes, I understand that it’s tough. It’s always an effort to put our judgements aside and look at someone or a situation with compassion and empathy, and be magnanimous, but we’re better people for trying – even if we don’t always succeed.

My father has always been telling me to develop this unbiased point of view. To consider all possible dimensions of a multifaceted situation. And putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. To help give some insight on the other person’s mentality.  You know, more often than sometimes our hate and anger are based on shaky grounds. It also teaches us how to deal with such personalities. Because the world out there is full of them.

I invite you to think about what I’ve said. It’s a difficult task to suppress hate, but surely not impossible. And like I said, recognising the cause is half the battle won.


Drug Dealer, Virgin, Stripper, Runaway


You may not think there is much difference between drug dealing and drug smuggling. I mean, to-may-toes to-mah-toes right? But for the small-time Drug Dealer David Clark in We’re The Millers, the seemingly negligible difference colossally changes his life.

David Clark (Jason Sudeikis) gets robbed of his stash at knife point while trying to help out a runaway homeless teen (Emma Roberts) and gets into trouble with the drug lord (and villain) Brad Gurdlinger (Ed Helms). Brad Gurdlinger sends him to Mexico across the border to smuggle drugs back into the country, promising to pay up a handsome amount if he succeeds in the task. So David rounds up the virginal dim-wit Kenny (Will Poulter), an unhappy debt-ridden stripper Rose (Jennifer Anniston) and the homeless teen Casey he had helped earlier and hires them to be his pretend ‘perfect American’ family with an RV, in an attempt to make himself inconspicuous to the border guards. This is where the plot sets in. They meet another American family at the border, Don Fitzgerald (Nick Offerman), Edie Fitzgerald (Kathryn Hahn), and their daughter Melissa Fitzgerald (Molly Quinn), which is where the real comedy starts. The drug smuggling obviously wasn’t going to be a walk in the park and the Miller Family meets with a bucketload of obstacles (the least difficult of which, ironically, is crossing the borders) on the way ranging from corrupt police officers to Pablo Chacon, (Tomer Sisley) a more dangerous villain, and his one-eyed henchman (Matthew Willig).

“Yeah. I say, give me somethin’ that says, ‘I get up every morning at 5:30 and commute for an hour and a half to some bullshit job where my jag-off boss expects me to kiss his balls all day just so I can afford to keep my ungrateful, screaming kids decked out in Dora the Explorer shit and my wife up to her fat ass in self-help videos until the day I get up the courage to put a shotgun in my mouth.’”

This dialogue best describes David Clark’s laissez-faire personality, and serves as a paragon for the overall dialogue in the movie. The characters have well defined personalities, the weakest of them being Jennifer Anniston’s Rose O’Reilly (although she makes an effort to spice up her character a little). Jennifer Anniston’s stripping definitely deserves a mention. I found Will Poulter’s acting the best. He pulled off his character very well, helped along by his innocent and slightly foolish appearance. None of the characters is someone you would look up to, or wish you could be, or be jealous of, and yet the talented actors manage to endear themselves to your heart. I felt the movie dissolving into the cliche style in the latter half, but it quickly recovered from that.

We’re The Millers (directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber) delivers exactly what the trailer promises, a 110 minutes of an uncomplicated and carefree (and not particularly romantic) entertainment. There is an energetic earthiness to the movie which I found quite appealing. I really like these types of movies, which are a wonderful amalgam of comedy and badass bordering on the vulgar. The starting and ending weren’t as gripping and the movie did lose it’s tempo in a few parts, but I quite liked the overall setting, enhanced with the funky soundtrack. Although there was a smooth flow from scene to scene, a little more coherence would have improved the overall experience.

All in all, the movie has a lot of Laugh Out Loud moments, and the basic plot engages the viewers effectively. So I would definitely suggest a one time watch, especially if you’re looking to set aside the brain and just relax, you know what I’m sayin’?

My Rating – 8/10


Wazza! News


I’ve taken to reading the newspapers quite thoroughly in the last few months. It has become like sort of a routine for me now, to have a paper in one hand while I sip on my BournVita. (Yeah, I prefer that to tea.) And you know, there have been some really interesting things that got me quite fascinated. I have handpicked a few and decided to share it with you! So here goes –

Edythe Kirchmaeir is the oldest user on Facebook at 105. She first gained attention when she tried to enter her birth year as 1908 and was refused a profile by Facebook. After a complaint to the officials, she was finally allowed to create a profile, and has been using it since the age of 95. She has roughly about 41000 friends. Popular much?

French was voted as the sexiest language in the world, with it’s romantic pronunciations and a classy sound to it. Italian was the runner up language. The third was the British accent of the English language, which caught me by surprise, because the English accent has a reputation of making people speaking it sound smarter, but romantic? I don’t think so. But that’s just my opinion.

(I was really impressed by this one) Leaning Tower of Pisa is losing it’s tilt over the years – it has straightened up by almost an inch, as a result of an 11 year long restoration project. It’s tilt was initially increasing by a millimetre every year before the onset of the project, causing the emergence of a fear that it may collapse altogether.

The Da Vinci Tower in Dubai, (to be built) based on David Fisher’s architecture, is designed in such a manner that each floor rotates on it’s own, at about a maximum of of six metres every minute, and in different directions. This means that the tower will have different shapes at different times of the day! I wouldn’t mind a building like that near my house. I would love to get up in the morning with a different structure to look at each day!

As of december 2013, an estimated 50 sailors are held hostage by the pirates, eight of them being indians. The rescued survivors tell us that the Asian pirates are relatively milder, in the sense that they rob you of everything you have and don’t cause any physical torture as long as you don’t resist them. The african pirates, especially the Somali ones, in stark contrast, are outrageously barbaric. Hell, I didn’t even know pirates existed before Captain Phillips Released last year!

The Mars One programme, which seeks to settle a human colony on the uninhabited red planet, ( I know! crazy right? if this thing works out, we might have a place to move to once Global warming destroys Earth!) has shortlisted about 1508 candidates from a hundred and seven countries in round two, which only the 0.5% of the original applicants have managed to pass. There will be two more rounds after this and the lucky ones remaining in the rigorous process will be trained professionally to be sent to Mars. Out of the 1058 candidates, 297 are front he US, 75 from Canada and 67 from India. Here is a link to the official website – 

Google Maps has found an unidentified object on the surface of the moon, (it wasn’t flying, so I guess you can’t really call it a UFO) which has a very unusual shape, leading researchers to think that it may be alien spaceship! 

’123456’ has been named as the world’s worst password for 2013, followed by  ‘letmein’ and ‘monkey’, as released by SplashData. It has topped ‘password’ which was the world’s worst password for 2012. Well. I guess, I can proudly say that I have never ever used these passwords in my life. Yes, I’ve had pretty embarrassing passwords in the past (come on, who doesn’t?), but that’s not the point.

A new-age father in Yemen has adopted a modern approach and thought up a funky new way of demanding dowry – a million Facebook likes! If the to-be son-in-law can whip up a million likes, he can marry the daughter. The dowry is supposedly a way to test how dedicated and hardworking the son-in-law can be. It’s a pretty tough job, considering Yemen’s population is only 25 million. As of December 2013, the poor man only has about 30,000 likes. It’s a long way to go. But that’s any day better than paying a financial dowry, isn’t it? I hope this man can achieve his goal, and I wish him luck!