Let Them Be

That isn’t normal. It’s a sin. That’s not how we were raised. They need to be punished. The bible doesn’t approve of it. Islamism abhors it. It doesn’t fit our logic. So let’s despise them. It cannot be accepted into the society or else it could affect other ‘normal’ people. After all, It’s so much easier to hate on them than to try and make an effort to comprehend their mentality and get to know them as a human. They have been possessed by the devil. Yes, that’s the only possible explanation for this freak show. Adam and Eve are meant to be. Was there any mention of Adam and Elijah? Or Eve and Abigail?

That about sums up what the ignorant homophobic pricks think.

‘I used to get picked on at school. Yeah, they would call me weird. I was weird. Fun weird. But this is the funny thing about growing up. For years and years, everybody is desperately afraid to be different in any way, and then, suddenly, almost overnight, everybody wants to be different. And that, is where we win.’

That’s what Mitchell Pritchett from Modern Family said. (Great show, by the way.)

Why is there still hate in the general population against gay people? It is disturbing how the aversion to the concept of homosexuality is still well pronounced in the society. Why can’t people simply adopt the ideology to Live and Let Live? Gay people are actually among the sweetest and kindest of humans. And yet, they get picked on everywhere on the basis of their sexual orientation. If at all, their genetic configurations should be blamed, not them. Because they are wired that way, just how straight people are wired to have sexual feelings for the opposite sex. Asking a gay man why he likes men is just like asking a straight man why he is into the fairer sex. There is no relevant source of this deep seated hate. Maybe the homophobic people have had casual gay thoughts and it frightened them out of their wits. And now they hate gays to convince themselves to ignore their own wants.

It’s simply horrifying to even think about what these people have to experience everyday for being who they are. It leads to people living in denial, ignoring their desires and have a frustrating sexual life. Depression, distress, dejection and disappointment soon follow. They begin to doubt themselves. They begin to lose hope in life.  These queers haven’t done wrong to anyone. it is sickening how humans behave with individuals of their own race for such trivial reasons.

Do you think the gays have a choice? Absolutely not. No one want to be a social pariah. No one wants to be oppressed their entire life. They have to struggle with it. The guilt plagues them, for not doing what their mom and dad did. For being different.

But there is a ray of hope. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Even among the hate and the cruelty and the ignorance, gay people have emerged. They have established themselves. They have created their own identities the hard way. They have experienced a completely different lifestyle. It won’t be wrong to say that these are your everyday heroes.

And the accepting straight people have aided them. Yes, now there are people who don’t discriminate against gayism and lesbianism. Now there are people who respect gays for who they are, and don’t let immature concepts cloud their vision in forming an opinion about someone. People who have the ability to think for both sides. And these people exist in large numbers.

Let us hope for a better world.


2 thoughts on “Let Them Be”

  1. Nice one. I have never read much on the topic but I see what you think. To make it a more rounded argument, can you add some points which you think why people are against it and then write your thoughts as a counter argument?
    That will then make it more interesting. Keep up the good work.

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